Good or Bad, Happy or Sad, Merry Triennial

Even though I still believe in true love and once thought I only would fall in love real deep for once in my life and live happily ever after until death do us part, it still amazes me how at times my thoughts, fears, and loves want to burst out screaming that they cannot take the pressures and heats no longer, for no amount of measures could represent how much I love you.

Hopes and dreams ache my body.
Uncertainties and memories, hate my guts and only want to suffer me to their hearts’ content.

Tell me how to stop feeling sad every time I feel so happy for I know that predetermined course of everything is not forever, that makes everything painstakingly beautiful because we will not know how this will end.

At least, we are still here.
Overjoyed, aren’t we?


A Peek

Staying in a family’s house, finally starting to get bored, I went outside to have a sip or two of my little oxygen. More or less 100 mm in length, a small cylinder of finely cut poisons rolled in thin paper that was my foe until at last, I do not know, three years ago or so it became one of the very loyal company while I was destroying every inch of my youth, my innocence. Though strangely, after a few huffs, it tasted disgusting, my head ached, my tongue didn’t feel right, and due to stomach problem I tend to get every time I consume this particular mint candy, I didn’t have any of them with me to console the inner part of my mouth. So much trouble for just a little unsatisfying moment I tried to steal tonight. 

Bought a pack four days ago, more than a half still left, considering that my boyfriend even took some.