Merci, Et J’ai Vraiment Signifée Ça

You’re like an encyclopedia of mundane matters. You always give me terrific feelings of getting new lore I never knew, realization of how great my God is despite you don’t believe one.

But your pages are too thick, and my bag is too small.

Let’s get you a big shelf for times when I got too much burden on my shoulder and I can’t carry you anywhere I go. While you, can spend more time with dictionaries and classic literatures, the one with equal information and visibly similar to you, in any way I can see.


Yes, I’m an Ungrateful Person and You Can Slap Me in The Face

I was reminiscing, and a realization came to me, that eventually in my life, I always get what I want. Exactly what I want, like if you have already read The Secret book, that is exactly what happened to me, and I didn’t have to do that much effort to get what I want.

It should be a very good thing, yes? It’s a matter that every living thing is struggling to achieve, yes? Problem is, I always want foolish things without checking the side effects.

Now all I have is a lot more problems to solved I don’t even remember to be happy about the fact that I finally get e-ve-ry-thing that I want. I just realize that I didn’t want it that much, right after I had it in the palm of my hand. I am such a bitch, hahahahaha.

I’m Too Lazy I Don’t Want to Think of Any Title for This Post

Rather than always writing about what’s on my mind all the time, I really should just wrote what I should do in real life. By which due this week are:

  • Casting homework due at tomorrow though I still have no idea how to form grey cast iron with pearlitic matrix until this post is written.
  • Metallurgy Kinetics mid-term test tomorrow!
  • Two (YES TWO!) lab work reports due at my precious Saturday and Sunday, and I haven’t even got the AAS data. Should just start writing Tujuan and Teori Dasar first, ASAP.
  • And another two lab work journals, still due at weekends, printing the report cover for the rest of my lab group members.
  • Meet my Dosen Wali to ask for the permission to enter POLMAN lab, only if I want to get my KP report done.
  • Bring this tiny thing to the veterinarian to get his second vaccine and his bath.
I feel like I’m forgetting something.