I’m amazed by life cruelty. By human being’s misdeed. By the confusion the life caused me. By the person I’ve become for the way life treated me.

Where the fuck I’ve been these last 19 years?
What the hell was I doing?
Who was I?
Who am I?
What is this all about?

It’s either I have really great parents or I’ve always been awfully na├»ve. But no, my family isn’t the greatest when I even hate one of them so much back then.

I don’t understand. I can’t understand a single bit of it. I don’t want to, ever.


I Put a Spell on You

I wonder how the search engine in WordPress works, because I’ve been paying attention to how funny (in a cute way) the words or phrases that people searched in my blog.

Was this system making a fool of me?

Because it’d be too touching if people were really care and interested therefrom I think I owe them an ‘awww’ or gratitude words.
You know, not even I think that any of these craps can be put to good use for anyone.

What Happens in Bebek Merah, Stays in Nice Dream

It feels really blissful to actually know people who you already be acquainted with for quite a long time.

Like finding out that even the dirtiest mouth holds the most tender heart.
Or discover that even the most calm and kindest people can be really sly.

It does feels really blissful, not because you know them when it is obvious, but because they themselves chose to show their true self to you. And to be trusted, is always a great honor. It’s always too lovely to be someone’s good friend moreover when they called you ‘anjing’ or ‘bangsat’ but in sharing their biggest secret you know none of them will hesitate. :’)