Pollution of the Mind

The solitude it enjoys. Not to value self too highly, for that it easily deceived; still that innocent and dumb, only a little more cautious. For it grown full of hope, then turned into the least optimist.

How orgasmic it feels just by being unnoticed; it loves. Masochist at its purest. It learnt the fact that it is wrong by thinking it has grown; could be right if the thought reversed or by putting a contra positive adjustment. How lovely the company of subtle cracking voice the fag made, how unique and pretty the form of smoke the fag made, as if something more delicate are only heaven and true love; it believes. Only the side effects; the highness, the loss of conscience and the appearance of sub-conscious, the hangover, the tear produced from vomiting; could reduce the joy, even it still doubts that those are detriment.
It begs the others would spare it the attention; it hates.

Easily distracted by trivialities. A fire ant blowed by the winds a face brought soundlessly but with resounding effect, significant enough to blow its mind. The most trivial it will always notice, while obvious it is not.


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