A Bealot (?)

There goes the beast.
The impatience, demanding, and hard to satisfied piece of immortal woman .(I wonder if it is okay to use the phrase ‘woman’)
She even scared herself, so why wouldn’t you?

With all due respect to holiness of the truth, she said sorry.
And there she is prepared for the consequences.

Talking about beast and the vacillation whether it is at the phase in between, though, I think it is quite appropriate to quote some of the lyrics in “Beast and The Harlot” by Avenged Sevenfold. How I wish Rev hasn’t dead yet.

This shining city built of gold, a far cry from innocence,
There’s more than meets the eye round here, look to the waters of the deep.
A city of evil.
There sat a seven-headed beast, ten horns raised from his head.
Symbolic woman sits on his throne, but hatred strips her and leaves her naked.
The Beast and the Harlot.


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