No One Can Force Me to Put Title to This Post

Why it has to be travelling to Europe if you could have a good night sleep just by buying cheap cute socks and polishing your nails with tacky colour?

So, yes, I’ve made my decision.

Not very much of a decision-making, just don’t mind me, it’s my way to say one gotta dream big while keep emotionally attached to gravity.


Tumblr-type of Post(5)

Katakanlah jika,
aku Israel, kau Palestina
jika aku Amerika, kau seluruh dunia
jika aku miskin, kau negara
jika aku mati. Kau kematian lainnya.

— Melancholic Bitch in their “7 Hari Menuju Semesta”

Mr. Brightside

Everyone is half an angel as long as you don’t push them over their lines.
Some draw their lines long. Some make it short, to keep things simple for themselves.

Most of the time the line’s invisible, but it’s there.
Because everyone’s half an angel, though hatred has grown as tall as a grown up Kodiak bear.

A Scheme, A Scheme!

Ethical or non-ethical, only based on feelings and cultural subjective opinion.

Somehow it is confusing to decide what is best, which is right, or what to do, knowing that there is no such thing as universal righteousness, where every single person has the same view and got nothing against it. Even people with the same belief admitted of inflicting conflict to each other, so how can we (or me) expect to unite 7 million stubborn self-centered minds into peace?

You know, it is related to naïve will to do something to fulfill your own wish but at the same time still not failing to keep other people amused, or inversely, please other people without sacrificing self interest. Really hard, that I can see, still I can’t help but be amazingly stupid that I believe it is possible.

Jealousy started this issue. Conscience prevents it to evolve to a Tyrannosaurus-Rex, that surely crush anything in its way.
Should we be saint? Do we really want to be saint? Well sometimes conscience gone, patience has met its limit, and without you realizing, you have become the crazy schmuck that you always hated.