South Korea Kind of Thing

While doing the after-bath activity that most girls usually do, a random thought come into my view.

I found that an attempt to make yourself look prettier has a significant difference with an attempt to NOT make yourself look uglier. Example gratia : inseminating your skin with chemical substance in order to make it looks whiter is completely different to dabbing your skin daily with aromatic lotion to prevent the dry air and UV light from bitting into it (based on my observation, lotion never change the true color of your skin, so do not trust their advertisement, my fellow lass). The epitome may not be that radical, though, as putting on some make-ups is completely different to using moisturizer and lip-care. Yea, those certain kinds of case.

I basically know which way do I treat my body with from two options above. How about you there?


Tumblr-type of Post(3)

You have to realize you’re not a child anymore as soon as things seem to be really complicated even if you didn’t see it coming.

Which it is why I think I’m an adult now. Oh mother, tell me it isn’t happening.

Anti Aging

I’ve been watching most of the people around me turned 20 this year, and they looked a bit freaked-out about that. It was like, when they’re 20 or more, they will unable to do things they usually do in their teen-age. I did not realize the fact all this time though, I did not realize that turning 20 is such a big deal before I see it happened to these people I know.

Moreover, I think me always be in a group of youngest person in a circle of people is affecting my opinion of getting older. I never really afraid of it, since I will still be called young by my surroundings. Really pleasing, don’t you think? Hehe. Nice move there, mom, for putting all your children into elementary school a year faster.

But then again, turning 20 started to pull my concentrate. Well how do you expect people to tolerate your behaviour of playing hide-and-seek with your junior high school friends in public pool when you’re 20? They must be thinking there’s something wrong is going on inside your brain, or worse they’ll think you are just some inconsiderate little scoundrel whose pride is too big to act their age. Oh please, I don’t mind getting older, but just don’t take those childhood joy away from me. Well even so, I could careless about what other people say. Nothing can stop me for playing hide-and-seek everywhere I wanted to with my bestĀ friends of all time, my junior high school fellas!

But what if my friends started to act their age? Oh oh dearly me, your childlike nature is endangered, better make the best out of your teen-age because your 18 will end in just a little while now.

Strive for the Best

Lame internet connectioooooonnnn. All I can do with this old lady are signing in to the messenger with no purpose and keep refreshing my m.tweete every five minutes, with no purpose either. But what to do, anyway? It took me all day just to open my e-mail, and I was not even succeeded to do it yesterday. Trying so hard to add a new post although I barely have an anything to notified here because this is just another attempt to sharpen my dull grammar.

Yeah you right. I’m pressing my luck too much that it finally chucked me up.

Oh the Almighty, please spare this conceited-big headed lass’ life and stop her from experiencing too many major setback, eh? Don’t You think she feels useless enough?

And one thing, she sends You the best gratitude for giving her that “butterfly in her stomach” feeling (again). Though it seems to be one-sided love, which she had enough of it in junior-senior high time, she’s still that dumb to feel happy about it. So, thank You.