In a Very Good Mood

And here’s why:

  • Productively did the laundry and the dishes, vacuumed the whole flat and made it smells like roses.
  • Finished unpacking and tidied up the wardrobe dresser.
  • Finalised an interview schedule.
  • Found a drugstore Japanese moisturiser that hydrates my dehydrated skin and makes it look dewy, instead of oily. (bless you, DHC Deep Hyaluronic Acid Collagen Toner Moisture Lotion)

You Are Not (Entirely) a Machine

You’re a better person.

You like it.

You want to feel nostalgic and miss those bittersweet memories.

But you can’t.

You’re a better person.

You like it.

Whatever a fraction of yourself that you sacrifice compared to how content you make yourself feel.

Be a better person.

Don’t look back.

Futurama/Call It a Quit to My Stagnant Life/I Really Want to… pt. 2

I want to have more wonderful memories in Japan.

I want to be happily married and let my mother hold my beautiful baby.

I want to have another loving cat like Winfrey, when I’m entirely ready.

I want my name to be listed in a book as someone who contributes.

I want to inhale the moment when money is the least of my concerns, again.

I want to be able to cook a hearty meal that someone will miss and come to me to eat.

I want to see my mother genuinely happy and content with her life, again.

I want to unconditionally love anyone other than my family, again.

I want to actually want people to be happy because of me, again.

I want to stop smoking.

I want to forgive, not forget.

Draft Saved 4 Years Ago

My stomach is killing me, I have swollen eyes due to excessive crying of watching Saving Private Ryan and The Vow consecutively, sucking F.G. Troches day and night for having a minor sore-throat but refuse to stop smoking or drinking OBH, contemplating the possibility of graduating on April 2013, non-stop admiring of how cute Suri Cruise and my cat are.